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Muscle Balancing

At the Nutritional Healing Center we do a large amount of treatment for muscle imbalances and dysfunction. Often we find muscles are in spasm or else functionally weak. We do isolated testing procedures to evaluate muscle strength and in the course of several minutes we can balance and treat these dysfunctions. It is not necessary to do exercise or physical therapy to correct most muscular weaknesses that we find in our clinic. Most of the functional problems with muscles are due to problems with the nervous system or feedback loops in the muscle itself. Simply put, we can identify and change problems within minutes by using acupressure techniques, chiropractic adjustments, fascial work, deep tissue release, scar tissue release, or nutritional support.

The reason we search for muscular problems so much is because they are so important. Most joint pains, back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, and sprains have dysfunctional muscles that are impeding return of normal joint function. Without treating muscular problems it is difficult to get joints to repair. Muscles stabilize joint movements. When one or more muscles are weak or spastic it causes functional problems which lead to loss of motion, grinding, inflammation, and pain.

Because we treat muscle imbalances I find that most patients return to health much quicker than without treatment. I am a chiropractor and adjust bones and joints. Because I do muscular balancing first I find that I need to adjust patients about 90% less than other chiropractors. Because we stabilize joints with muscular work we do not need to re-adjust the joints. They STAY fixed when the muscles are working correctly. Muscular balancing using applied kinesiology techniques saves me and my patients time and saves my patients money. I like it this way because our results are quicker and stay longer with muscular balancing techniques! Please feel free to call with questions.