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Cranial Adjusting

At our clinic we treat the whole body. This means that in addition to standard chiropractic care for the spine we care for other areas as well. For example we often care for the feet, knees, and shoulders. We also address the bones in the head. This type of care is called cranial adjusting.

Cranial bones have very small movements that usually follow our breathing patterns. These small movements allow for movement of the cerbrospinal fluid that flows in the brain and spinal cord. Without proper movement of these bones illness can follow. People with head injuries often have problems with their cranial bones. Babies that have traumatic birthing procedures with forceps pulling on the bones of the skull can have cranial problems. Although it is very common for people with trauma to have cranial problems most people benefit from having these bones examined by a skilled doctor and treated if there is a need.

Treatment of the cranium involves the doctor pushing with light pressure at certain points on the head during specific phases of breathing. Treatment can also involve a vibracussor instrument which gently puts vibrations into the bones and allows restrictions to fall away.

When people have cranial treatment done they can feel remarkably good. Some people feel like they are floating. Other people feel like they are breathing well for the first time in years. Sinuses can drain and open up. Your head just feels better. Symptoms of food allergies, headaches, and eye problems can clear up. Muscle dysfunctions can resolve. Because the cranial bones are integral to breathing and motion of the cerebrospinal fluid they can affect distant parts of the body.

Because any specific symptom of ill health can have several causes we try to investigate all areas of health. Also, each dysfunction in the body can cause several symptoms. Everything is connected. Our emotions, our physical body with its bones, muscles and fascia, our body chemistry, infections, allergies, nutrition, and toxins are all part of the "BIG PICTURE" that makes up our health. Cranial adjusting is an important aspect of the big picture and we do our best to screen for and treat any problems in the cranium. Please feel free to call with questions. We would be happy to discuss your health concerns and see if we might be able to help or point you in the right direction for help.